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WDS offers training classes for the Princeton Site Builder (Drupal). To register, visit the Employee Learn Center.

Website Wednesday - Topic TBD
Wed, Oct 19, 2022, 12:00 pm1:30 pm
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We support our centrally-run content management systems and their standard features at no charge.
Support for custom systems, special features, or website customizations are deemed fee-for-service work.

Need a new website and not sure which option is right for you? See a full list of website solutions and email us if you'd like to talk further

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    Website Wednesday meetings are held one Wednesday per month during the academic year. The format consists of presentations, followed by 30 minutes of informal discussion and support. To join the group at 

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    Participate in the Central NJ Drupal Meetup, which is the local Drupal Group. The meetup is intended to bring together University and community members interested in building and strengthening the Drupal community. Participants in the meetup discuss recent and exciting Drupal-related news, present interesting topics, and share knowledge. 

    Go to for world wide Drupal resources. The Drupal Community on Slack is an active resource with a number of topical channels.