Acquia Cloud Hosting

OIT has negotiated special pricing with Acquia which is a cloud-based hosting provider specializing in Drupal hosting and support. Hosting with Aquia is Categorized as a Self-Managed Drupal website, which is not maintained or supported by OIT. When choosing to build a website on your own, you'll need to take into account development standards, design standards, hosting, and maintenance.

The Aquia environment is intended to meet specialized departmental needs

  • Need to host a Drupal website in a robust and secure environment.
  • Want full control over their Drupal website.
  • Have needs that exceed the features of OIT’s Managed Drupal system.
  • Have an annual budget for website hosting.
  • Need additional support for their Drupal website.

What does Acquia offer?

  • A cloud hosting platform tuned for Drupal.
  • A number of server sizes and options.
  • A number of support options.
  • Tools for site maintenance, administration, and optimization.
  • Developer workflow and tools.

What’s not included with Acquia?

  • Site design and development. You need to build the website yourself or hire another group, such as WDS.
  • Site maintenance tasks not covered in the contract.
  • Diagnosis support for various technologies which are outlined in the contract.

Your Responsibilities

  • Selecting the options that are appropriate for your needs.
  • Completing maintenance and technical tasks not covered by the support contract that you’ve purchased.
  • Managing your relationship with Acquia.
  • Making timely payments to Acquia.
  • Not storing confidential data on your public facing website.
  • Following all IT Policies and Requirements.

Acquia’s Responsibilities

  • Upholding the terms of the contract.

OIT’s Responsibilities

  • OIT negotiated the terms of the master services agreement that will apply to all contracts between Princeton University affiliates and Acquia.
  • OIT will periodically review the contract.
  • OIT will provide guidance to you before you engage with Acquia.

Getting Started

Email Web Development Services to get started with Acquia hosting.