Princeton Site Builder - Terms of Service

Service Summary

The Princeton Site Builder platform, powered by Drupal 10, is intended for building University websites sponsored by the following institutional entities: 

  • Departments
  • Programs
  • Centers
  • Faculty
  • Labs

It is not intended for personal, student group, or course websites. Please refer to the other University supported options


Websites are backed up on the following schedule:

  • Daily for 7 days
  • Weekly for 4 weeks
  • Monthly for 12 months
  • Yearly for 3 years

If you need to revert to a previous version of your website, we can restore your entire website from one of the previous 3 nightly backups of the database and files at no cost.

If you would like us to revert specific content or revert to a version of the site more than 3 nights old, a project fee will be required. The starting cost is $375.

Bug Fixes

WDS is responsible for bug fixes if you use the standard themes.

You are responsible for bug fixes if you alter the theme using CSS or change the blocks, layouts, and other configurations after WDS has completed work on your website. (You may contract with WDS to make fixes).

WDS is continually improving the platform. You will automatically get the improvements we make to the system because your website is on a shared codebase. On a monthly basis, WDS will notify website administrative contacts and technical contacts of pending improvements. For some improvements, you will be asked to check a testing version of your website. Please make an effort to check your website before the changes are applied to your live website so that we can correct bugs before they are seen by the public.


WDS makes a good-faith effort to support browsers in Princeton's managed computer environments. If your website was designed or developed earlier than the latest browser and you notice a problem, please initiate a work request


WDS is responsible for the underlying code, hosting, and platform performance. Access to Drupal core, modules, and other "root' level code is prohibited.


Website owners are responsible for the accuracy, quality, copyrighttrademarks, and accessibility of their content. 

The Site Builder platform is not intended for intranets, private workspaces, internal collaboration, or other such uses. Please refer to the other University supported options

We cannot guarantee that your content will be kept to the intended audience(s). Refer to Protect Our Information

Removal of Websites

We reserve the right to remove your website if any of these conditions apply:


Everyone is responsible for security.


Websites are supported by OIT during University business hours. See the support options.  

Testing Environment

You may use the testing environment to try new functionality and layouts with your website without affecting your live website. Any changes made to the testing environment are not able to be applied to your live website. You will need to replicate them in the Production environment. For extensive changes, WDS can create a duplicate production site that you can update, and then WDS can move your primary site address over to this new version of your site.

WDS does not sync the content from your production environment to the testing environment unless requested. If you wish to have this done, email [email protected] 

Themes and Starter Kits

Use of the themes and starter kits for websites other than the intended designations is not permitted. For example, you may not use the Lab Starter Kit for anything other than a lab website. The design differences are intended to convey the institutional placement of the website among the Princeton branding.


We aim to keep the website systems up and running 24x7. If the system is down (white screens, pages not loading) or performing poorly (pages taking more than 10 seconds to load), WDS will make a good-faith effort to restore the system as soon as possible. Please contact the Service Desk immediately if your website becomes unusable. 


If you wish to have a third-level domain name, please refer to the Domain Name Policy.

Our managed Drupal environment is meant for building and hosting Drupal sites. It is not meant to be a redirect service to third-party sites. If the primary URL for your Drupal site is configured to redirect to a third-party site, we reserve the right to remove your Drupal site from our hosting environment.

We do not support outside domain names (such as a .com or .org address). 

Forwarding an external domain to a address in our environments is possible; however, URL masking (embedding a website in an externally hosted frame) is prevented by an anti-clickjacking configuration in our security headers.


Last revision: October 20, 2023