Launching a Website

Delivery process

Request an accessibility review

The earlier issues are identified, the easier they are to fix. Request a consultation and accessibility test.

Use a quality assurance checklist

These helpful questions are a starting point to ensure that your website meets University standards. It is not a comprehensive list. Please test your website thoroughly.

The University's automated tool, DubBot, can help you check:

Need to get started with DubBot? Learn about DubBot here.

  • Is the site free of spelling errors? 
  • Do all links work?
  • Do your videos and/or audio files include closed captioning or a transcript?
  • Did use use the appropriate Heading tags (not bold) for the headings of your text?
  • Did you use descriptive 2- or 3-word phrases when making links (not “click here”)?
  • Do images have appropriate alternative text for the non-sighted?

A manual check is needed for:

  • Do any of your photos require photo credits? If so, did you include them?
  • Do you have permission to reuse any copyrighted text that appears in your site?
  • Do you have permission to post each photo or other visual elements? If you are not sure about the copyright issues for a specific image, do not use it. Refer to the University's Copyright Policy.
  • The site is free of advertisements, endorsements, logos, or links to external corporations or other commercial ventures?
  • Do all the published pages have content? (Avoid "coming soon" text, unless it is truly coming soon.)
  • Did you unpublish any starter or test/placeholder content?
  • Is the grammar, spelling and punctuation used consistently on all pages? The University recommends the Web Editorial Style Guide which is based on the Associated Press Stylebook.
  • Does the language conform with the University’s Equal Opportunity Policy and Nondiscrimination Statement? If in doubt, contact the Office of the General Counsel.
  • If using the Princeton University logotype and/or shield, is it an approved treatment?
  • Does page content and formatting look correct?
  • Do you have an existing site and need help redirecting to the new one? (Contact WDS and we may be able to help.)
  • Did you add redirects for frequently visited or bookmarked content?
  • Did you provide contacts for site owners somewhere within your site in case someone needs to contact you about a problem or the content?
  • Have you designated a person to maintain the content (keep information updated, check for broken links)?

Launching a website hosted by WDS

Email [email protected] with any questions or concerns. If you have a project agreement with WDS, we will coordinate the website's launch for you.

Launching a website hosted by a third party

Please read the Knowledge article in the Princeton Service Portal. The same checklist above is applicable. 


If you have additional questions because the launch of your new web site is more complicated than the scenarios described above or you simply need clarifications, then please contact the OIT Help Desk (8-HELP) for more information.