WASE Replacement

This is the formal project to assess (IPP #2021-2213) and replace (IPP #2022-2604) the Web Appointment Scheduling System (WASE).

Thank you to those who filled out the survey and/or spoke with us to help choose a replacement product. 

Why are you replacing WASE?

WASE is a homegrown custom application that is 12+ years old. At the time it was written, WASE was unique in that it allowed you to create a calendar in which you indicated your available time. Since then, a number of other products have been created which do the same thing. Instead of maintaining custom code, we are seeking to replace WASE with a vendor product.

What if I already moved off of WASE?

That is fine. Please make sure your solution meets the University's IT Security policies and Digital Accessibility guidelines. 

You may use Calendly, provided you sign up with your princeton.edu email address. However, this product is not the official WASE replacement.

What is the recommended replacement product?

After surveying and speaking with several people from a broad range of departments, we have chosen Bookings as the replacement product.

Bookings meetings a majority of the University's uses cases for booking appointments with people or reserving time with equipment. It is a Microsoft product for which the University already has enough licensing.

How can I get started with Bookings?

Between now and November 2021, we are working with select early adopters to onboard them. This work will result in how-to articles, webinars, and support processes to help the remaining WASE users move onto Bookings. 

If you're not an early adopter, wait until general messaging goes out to all the WASE users. The SCAD/DCS community will also be informed. 

When will WASE shutdown?

We anticipate shutting it down July-August 2022.