The following major initiatives are multi-year efforts and affect many University departments.

Drupal 7 Upgrade

Est. Start: TBD
IPP #2020-1911

This is the formal project to upgrade all OIT-supported Drupal 7 websites to Drupal 8/9. A SAGIT funding request for this project will be made at a future date.

WDS builds all new websites in Drupal 8 (soon to be Drupal 9). The Drupal 8/9 platform is called Princeton Site Builder version 2. Upgrading your website does not need to wait for this project.  Learn more.

Website Accessibility

PHASE 1: Now - Winter 2020
IPP #2018-1517

OIT will work with key campus partners in a multi-phase effort to ensure their websites meet the University's Digital Accessibility Standards and Guidelines

A project manager and digital accessibility developer will create a project plan for each website. OIT-supported websites will get hands-on development help in some cases. 

Scholarly Websites Assessment

PHASE 1: Now - Winter 2020
IPP #2020-2151

As part of the IT service management lifecycle, we will evaluate the current service for faculty websites to identify key features as well as areas of improvement.

This assessment will examine the existing OpenScholar service as well as survey users of other platforms. This is in anticipation of OpenScholar's Drupal 7 to 8 upgrade. 

Faculty are encouraged to share their feedback about OpenScholar or their other professional websites. Log in with your Princeton NetID to complete these surveys.

Web Appointment Scheduling Engine Replacement

Est. Start: November 2020
IPP #2021-2213

The goals of this project include an assessment of Princeton's web appointment scheduling requirements; product comparisons; and a path to move to newly recommended product(s). The current Web Appointment Scheduling Engine (WASE) system is custom coded and needs a user interface update. The system no longer fully meets Princeton's scheduling needs. Please provide feedback to help us choose a replacement product. Learn more.