Custom Department Applications - Terms of Service

Service Summary

On a limited basis, WDS provides custom PHP applications to departments whose needs are not met by existing University solutions or vendor products. This is a for-fee service and we may decline the project if another solution can meet most of your needs. 

Service Audience

  • Departments



Website owners are responsible for the accuracy, quality, and accessibility of their content.


WDS is responsible for the underlying code, hosting, and performance of the platform.


Design changes are for fee. 


Everyone is responsible for security.


Custom department applications are supported by OIT during University business hours. If you have a question about your website, please contact us then. Email to open a support ticket.


WDs does not guarantee an uptime for custom department applications. If the system is down (white screens, pages not loading) or performing poorly (pages taking more than 10 seconds to load) WDS will make a good faith effort to restore the system as soon as possible. Please contact the Support and Operations Center immediately if your website becomes unusable. 


WDS makes a good faith effort to support browsers in Princeton's managed computer environments. If your website was designed or developed earlier than the latest browser and you notice a problem, please contact us to initiate a work request. 

Dormant Applications

As long as an application in our environment is active and does not violate University policies, we will continue to host that site. However, if a site has been inactive for three (3) years, has low usage, or can be replaced by another University or vendor solution, we reserve the right to remove it from our servers.


WDS does not make specific timestamp backups of your applications. If you need access to your sites backups, please contact us. This may be provided to you for a fee.